Tomato Time in Tucson

My husband planted our tomatoes yesterday. Just it time. Tomatoes are, in my opinion, the most finicky of vegetables to grow in Tucson. They don’t like the cold and certainly don’t like our heat, so their season is short and requires timely planting.

Last year we got them planted by Valentine’s Day and it worked out perfectly. We received a wonderful batch of Champion tomatoes before the heat hit. But last year the weather cooperated with a Valentine’s planting. This year- not so much. Though I shouldn’t complain about receiving precipitation in the desert, the recent weather has made it difficult to predict when to plant tomatoes.

I am still apprehensive about this year’s weather. Seems we are in a pattern of warm, freezing, warm, freezing. But this is the chance we take with tomatoes in Tucson. Let’s just hope the heat doesn’t hit early!

by Cara Bohardt, Desert Gardener

What is your favorite tomato to grow in the desert?

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