Rosemary – Another Bulletproof Plant
For several years I’ve had a whiskey barrel planter in a tough spot. This area receives full winter shade and full summer sun. Very few plants tolerate this combination. I’ve tried annuals, but I’m tired of paying a lot of attention to this pot. I want a perennial that will survive year in and year out.

When I first planted this barrel, it was an herb garden with pretty purple basil, purple sage, chives, Italian parsley and trailing rosemary. Well, several years later, everything is long gone, except the rosemary. This rosemary has survived several partners and will now have new company- more rosemary! I have planted three new Dwarf Rosemary.

All rosemary can be used in the kitchen, thrives in our full summer sun and tolerates freezing temperatures. Plants even lived through The Great Freeze of 2011. Rosemary is also a winter bloomer and is full of beautiful light blue flowers when most perennials are dormant.

Here at Harlow’s we have a class called Bulletproof Plants. This class highlights plants that can thrive in a variety of conditions and withstand some neglect. Though rosemary is not featured in this class, in my yard it has proven to be a bulletproof plant.

by Cara Bohardt, Desert Gardener

Do you have a favorite Bulletproof Plant?



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