Mediterranean Carpet

Teucrium majoricum ‘Mediterranean Carpet’

  • This rabbit and deer resistant native of the Mediterranean is fairly new to the market. However, it’s gaining fast popularity for its ability to withstand cold winters, drought, and heat.
  • Featuring superior flower production of abundant clusters of tiny, purple, honey scented flowers starting in early spring and extending through fall.
  • The silvery-green foliage remains lush year-round, spilling gracefully over banks or out of containers.
  •  Grows well in full sun to part shade with a moderate to fast growth rate.
  • Allow to dry out between water applications.


teucrium majoricum


  • Posted: March 16th, 20185:30 pm

    I live in Zone 10 – AZ desert at 4700 ft. elev. I need something akin to a ground cover near the front door, on each side. One side will get about half morning sun and the other side about half afternoon sun. We do not have a drip system but are willing to water every few weeks. Does Mediterranean Carpet seem like a good fir for us? I really like the appearance of this plant!

  • Posted: March 19th, 201812:40 pm

    Good Afternoon Karen,
    Mediterranean Carpet would be a great fit for the area and elevation you described. This plant is hardy down to -10°F and thrives in part shade. It will need more water than every few weeks though, and will thrive with regular waterings.

    Thank you,

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