Lavender Lady Passion Flower

Passiflora Lavender Lady

Adding an exotic touch to the garden, Passiflora ‘Lavender Lady’ is a vigorous evergreen vine with beautiful lavender flowers. The foliage consists of deep blue-green lobed leaves which create a perfect backdrop for the flowers.
‘Lavender Lady’ is easy to grow and it blooms intermittently throughout the year with a peak bloom season in spring and fall. Thrives in full sun or part shade (but not reflected heat). Butterflies are extraordinarily fond of Passion Flowers. Most butterfly gardeners welcome the caterpillars that produce the butterflies and often plant Passion Vine as a host plant. Also attracts hummingbirds and birds for your ‘wildlife’ garden. It may freeze to the ground at 20 degrees F, but well-established plants bounce back with vigor.
, at Monrovia Nursery Co.

, at Monrovia Nursery Co.

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