Butterfly Bush

Buddleia Buzz™

Buzz™ Buddleia Butterfly Bush is a relatively new dwarf hybrid that grows only one-third the size (3-5’) of its parent (10-15’).
  • Attractive, compact growth habit.
  • Large, graceful flower spikes appear for many months.
  • Delightfully scented,
  • Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.(if you let the flowers go to seed, they may also attract birds)
Most people remove faded flowers so as to encourage more flowering.
  • Excellent cut flower for indoors.
  • Very handsome in a decorative pot, bringing the butterflies and hummingbirds closer in.
  • Needs only average, but well drained soil, and regular water during the summer.
  •  Buzz™ is cold hardy to at least 10 degrees and should do well anywhere in the Tucson area.


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