For the Love of Nandinas

I love my Nandina domestica. This evergreen shrub, also known as Heavenly Bamboo, can survive a wide range of conditions

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Texas Root Rot Riot

This is getting ridiculous. I have now lost my third mature tree in two years. You would think by working in a nursery I would have a better track record.

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The Summer of Vinca

Every spring I become giddy with the excitement of planting beautiful flower pots.

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Got Borered

Well they did it. The borers finally killed my tree. My shade-providing, south-side-of-my-house ash tree — gone.

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Tomato Time in Tucson

My husband planted our tomatoes yesterday. Just it time. Tomatoes are, in my opinion, the most finicky of vegetables to grow in Tucson. They don’t like the cold and certainly don’t like our heat, so their season is short and requires timely planting.

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Rosemary – Another Bulletproof Plant

For several years I’ve had a whiskey barrel planter in a tough spot. This area receives full winter shade and full summer sun. Very few plants tolerate this combination. I’ve tried annuals, but I’m tired of paying a lot of attention to this pot. I want a perennial that will survive year in and year out.

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"Excellent job down to the last detail by Jeff and his crew. Hard workers with engaging personalities. They all made this a positive experience.."

Bob Smith - Tucson, AZ

"Harlow Gardens is beautiful! I always find help from Harlow’s most knowledgeable experts. Even if I don’t buy much, I always make it a point to walk all of the areas on the grounds to see what is new and fun."

Mrs. Taylor - Tucson, AZ